Frequently Asked Questions

No. Training on the NilfiskU Mobile app do not contain a quiz. Therefore, in order to receive a certificate and reward points your training must be completed using the NilfiskU site instead of the mobile app.

No. Nilfisk University only provides certificates of completions for training completed within our system.

To obtain a report you must have first have Learner Reporting status. To pull a report hover your mouse over About NU then click University Office then navigate to My University Office Privileges. Click the Student Progress Reporting link then check the box beside the company name for which you want a report. The last step is the click Run Report.

To retrieve your login follow these steps: 1) Click login in the upper right corner. 2) Click Forgot Password? in lower left corner. 3) Enter your e-mail address (also your username). 4) The system will validate your info then send you a message to the e-mail we have on file. New password must be 7 or more characters long.

Yes, you can contact the University directly at +1 (877) 247-0758 or +1 (763) 745-3912 with any questions or comments between 8am and 5pm Central Time. If you leave a message, we will return your call as time permits.

No. The Chat sessions appear only to those who are participating exactly at that time and then are removed from the University when users leave the Chat.

Just enter the hyper link with the full http:// prefix and you should be good to go!

Go to the top of the home page (must be logged in). Click on your name, click edit profile, click manage profile tab then enter address detail, contact info and add an image (if desired).

The student must have enough points to cash in for merchandise. Points can be redeemed in the Campus Store of your assigned Hall by chosing the item of your choice, adding it to your cart for checkout. Make sure you include your shipping address along with the size, color and/or logo to be added to the item.

If you're not already logged into NilfiskU, you will find a registration link at the top right corner of your screen.  That will take you to an Admittance Request form that you must complete.  If you are logged in and are helping someone else to register, you can find the form in the University office (under the About NU tab).  Please note however that registration acceptance is based on the organization that you represent, and the roll-out progress of the university. NU Registration Form Process.pdf

Contact our Admissions Office at

Go to the University office (in the About NU menu) and complete a Hall Pass Request form. You will be contacted shortly.

While any browser will work, our testing shows that Mozilla Firefox provides the fastest, trouble-free results. Google Chrome also performs nicely. Microsoft Internet Explorer technology does not yet support standard browser functionality, and adds some minor limitations to your use of the University.

Your permissions define what you can and cannot see. Make sure that you are logged into the University. Training and education content is made available depending on the types of products you sell, service, and/or operate. If you believe that your permissions are incorrect, contact .

As you utilize Formal courseware, your progress and test scores are being captured and tracked. The learning management system (LMS) records how many attempts that you've made, the time & date of each attempt, and what your test score is.

Obviously you can add any page to your favorites but, if you're using Internet Explorer, you can click and drag a page name directly to your shortcut items on your task bar. Drag a menu title or subtitle to this area for quick access to that university section.

Nilfisk University is continuously deploying training content across all locations and areas of our business. The portfolio of offerings will continue to expand and evolve--targeting end-users, dealers, suppliers, and our own employees.

Anyone with an Internet connection has access to our online university. We don't restrict access but your registration defines the particular halls, libraries, and services that you have permission to participate.

The video buffers due to your internet connection and speed.

The screen will freeze if a student has multiple sessions going. The system remembers where the student left off during the last session even within the quiz. Please contact the administrator for assistance.

 Sometimes the audio is slow to start since the training included flash. Refresh your screen and the audio should play.