Scrubber Demo Tips

Clarke Scrubber Demo Tips

Scrubber Demo Tips Dec. 9, 2014



· Always customize presentation and demo to what is important to the customer!

· If the customer has a ramp, make sure to take the machine there for climbing test.

· Verify the squeegee picks up all water before starting the demo. Adjust if necessary

· Lift the squeegee to show water is being put down then drop it and have the customer feel how dry the floor is

· Remove squeegee and demonstrate ease of no tools squeegee replacement with four wear sides per blade for low cost of ownership

· One effective way to show water pick up and cleaning is double scrub an area and then put a dry stripe down the middle

· Conduct the demo in a location that is dirty enough to highlight the performance of the machine.

· Use a strong detergent that you know performs well in many conditions.

· Run the machine slowly, more agitation, more water, more chemical per square inch.

· Customers will remember how well it cleaned, not how fast you went so keep speed low

· Avoid 180 degree sharp turns, broad sweeping turns are best. Reduce water flow before a sharp turn

· For cylindrical, pick up a length of chain

· Point out external solution filter with shut off on units with this. This is a big headache reducer type of feature

· For finish removal, the 3M SPP (surface preparation pad) pads works best. Wet the pad fully first using solution tank drain hose

· To clean out recovery hose and help rinse clean the recovery tank, turn on vac and connect vac hose to solution tank drain port