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Admissions & Support: Email Phone: 877-247-0758

European students: 

Because of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Nilfisk University must communicate and receive your consent that we process the personal data requested in your original enrollment form, and data involving your progress and passed training, in order to:

    - Enroll you

    - Provide you with relevant lessons and education materials

    - Evaluate your progress and your study records as needed in future dealings with you and/or your employer, which is a Nilfisk customer


Your personal data will be shared with:

    - Nilfisk companies in the United States (US) operating Nilfisk University

    - Nilfisk data processors located in India

    - Nilfisk employees in the European Union (EU) providing training and evaluations of your progress, as well as in accounting and other relevant operations teams

    - Your employer, as long as it is a Nilfisk customer

Your personal data will be stored on the Nilfisk University system operated in the US and the EU, and in India.

Nilfisk will store your personal data (email, phone, name, etc.) as well as your progressions and passed training, as long as you are enrolled, or until you instruct us to delete your data in our Nilfisk University Systems.

If you want to access the personal data that we have about you, please click here.  Note that this is NOT an appropriate method to review your learning transcripts--instead, go to the area where you link to your assigned courses. 

If you want to request that we DELETE all your data and TERMINATE your enrollment in Nilfisk University, please click here.