Admittance Request

  • Admittance Request

  • This form is to request student membership at Nilfisk University.

    Dear Requestor,

    Please complete the form below--all fields are mandatory. Once received, your request will be reviewed by our University Admissions Office and endorsed by specific Nilfisk business channel managers. You will receive a notification of acceptance or rejection within five (5) business days.

    If you are accepted, you will receive a welcome letter that contains your login information.

    Please note that the email address you provide MUST be a unique (non-generic) e-mail address that relates to your industry employer. This will be used as your login and for all future communication.

    Please note that by enrolling in Nilfisk University you consent to Nilfisk processing your personal data as described below. Please also read Nilfisk's general data privacy (GDPR) notification here by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking GDPR.

    Nilfisk must process the personal data requested in the enrollment form, and data involving your progress and past trainings, in order to:

        - Enroll you
        - Provide you with relevant lessons and education materials

        - Evaluate your progress and study results
        - Refer to your study records as needed in future dealings with you and/or your employer, which is a Nilfisk customer

    Your personal data will be shared with:

        - Nilfisk companies in the United States (US) operating Nilfisk University
        - Nilfisk data processors located in India
        - Nilfisk employees in the European Union (EU) providing training and evaluation of your progress, as well as in accounting and other relevant operation teams
        - Your employer, as long as it is a Nilfisk customer

    Your personal data will be stored on the Nilfisk University system operated in the US and EU, and in India.

    If you are accepted to Nilfisk University we will store your personal data (email, phone, name, etc.) as well as your progressions and passed trainings, as long as you are enrolled, or until you instruct us to delete your data in our Nilfisk University Systems.

    If you are already enrolled and want to access the data we have about you, please click here and fill in the form to enable us to identify you and find your data. If there are errors in the information we have about you, please tell us and we'll correct it.

    You can at any time request that we delete your data in our Nilfisk University Systems by clicking here.

    Thank you in advance for your interests in joining our learning community.