Faculty Room

Sheila Stamper

Welcome to Nilfisk University! My name is Sheila Stamper. I have been with Nilfisk-Advance, Inc. since October 1999. Over the years I've held positions such as Literature Fulfillment Clerk and Account Administrator. My desire to learn led me to a position as Nilfisk University's Admissions and Relations Administrator. Other than my desire to learn, my passions in life include spending time with family, fishing, and writing short stories and poems. I hope your experience at Nilfisk University awards you with a wealth of knowledge about our products, services, and programs to promote learning and growth within your organization.

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LMS Administrator/e-Learning Specialist
Nilfisk University

Aaron Clark

Hi everyone, I'm Aaron Clark and I've been with Nilfisk-Advance since 2005. I've earned my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. I also have a B.S. in Mortuary Science.

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Technical Communications

Dave Elsbury

I have been with Nilfisk-Advance since 2005. I started in the technical service department assisting other technicians with parts calls and troubleshooting. My experience includes mechanical design, and computer systems and processes support for large clients.

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Content Provider
Technical Writing

Mike Kanitz

I'm Mike Kanitz. I began with Nilfisk-Advance as a Product Manager in 2010. My professional background reflects roles in both product marketing management and sales in the hydraulics industry supporting various off-highway mobile OEMs. I currently manage Industrial scrubbers and sweeper/scrubbers for our US Floorcare products. Good luck to my students.

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Industrial Sales & Product Knowledge

Jeff Knowlen

I'm Jeff Knowlen. I have over 30 years of experience diagnosing and repairing automobiles, trucks and other machines. I earned an associate degree in automotive technology and an associate degree in theology. I am also an Advanced L1 level ASE Master Technician.

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Internal Combustion Engines

Marty Makowsky

I began my career in the cleaning equipment industry in 1989 as a dealer sales rep selling American-Lincoln and Advance Industrial cleaning equipment. After a brief stint with the Tennant Company I returned to American-Lincoln as a Product Manager, and after holding several positions, I became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 2000. After Nilfisk-Advance acquired Alto I became the Industrial Sales Director until 2008, when I took on the role of Strategic Marketing and Business Development. Over the last several years I have had the opportunity to take management and leadership courses both in the U.S. and abroad. These learning experiences have shown me that continued education is omnipotent to one's personal and professional growth. With that said, I hope that you find my distant learning courses to be both educational and enjoyable!

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Bill Munn

I'm Bill Munn. I received my BA from Knox College with a major in social psychology and went on to earn an MFA from the University of Iowa's Writers Workshop. I started my career teaching at the college level, including Troy, Beloit College, and the University of Iowa. At Iowa, I worked for the athletic department and headed up the first ever program designed to offer academic and career counseling for student-athletes. After that, I went to work in the automobile business and quickly moved from sales, to sales management, and finally into a specialist who turned around failing automobile dealerships. I retired from Vactor Manufacturing, a business unit of Federal Signal, and during my 18 years there I worked as a regional manager, product manager, national sales manager, director of industrial and strategic accounts, and, finally, as group director of product and sales training. Upon retirement, I started my own consulting and training business based on 54321, a sales process that I devised for my own purposes while in the car business. I now work with nearly forty client companies providing testing and training services for sales people and managers. I offer additional advanced courses for managers who are committed to developing their people. To date, my training efforts for Nilfisk-Advance include sessions for 130 employees, a second advanced management session for over 80 employees, and special sessions for two Premier Dealerships as well as Nilfisk CFM, a sister company.  Email Bill

54321 Sales Process

Corinne Murray

Hello there and welcome to Nilfisk University - I'm Corinne Murray. I've been with Nilfisk-Advance since July 2009 and started as a Customer Service Representative for the Advance Dealer team. When I started, I absolutely fell in love with the customers, the product line and the people here. This propelled me forward to want to help the bigger Customer Care team and I became one of the Customer Care Analysts in charge of training and developing the department. I have a background in training at a local online retail website as well as lots of experience with Customer Service. My passions in life are my husband, my family, the arts, and the Minnesota Vikings. Feel free to contact me with any questions - I'm happy to help!

Nilfisk-Advance processes, ERP system, and Internet provisions

Andrew Nagel

Hi, I'm Andrew Nagel and work in Technical service at Nilfisk Advance as a Tech 1. I have a strong background in hydraulics and hold a Hydraulic Specialist Certification. I've worked in the automotive and hydraulic industries for over six years before joining Nilfisk Advance. I enjoy building and restoring vintage motorcycles and dirt bikes as a hobby.

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Erich Schroeder

Hi all, I'm Erich Schroeder. I'm an engineer in Plymouth Minnesota and have worked in industrial equipment industries for my entire career. I joined Nilfisk-Advance in 2002 and have focused my energy on industrial sweepers and outdoor equipment. When not at work I enjoy many different sports, outdoors, music, faith and family. Good luck to all of my students.

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Industrial Sales & Product Knowledge

Brian Simmons

Thank you for taking part in the Nilfisk University program. I hope you find it enjoyable and more importantly; that it enriches your career and your product and industry knowledge. I started with Nilfisk-Advance in 2003. Since joining the company I have had the opportunity to manage most of the US Floor Care commercial products from small canister vacuums up through commercial rider scrubbers. Today I have responsibly for automatic scrubbers: small, medium, large and riders. Prior to coming to Nilfisk-Advance I spent 13 years in the telecommunications industry in a variety of roles. I have BA in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota.

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Commercial Sales & Product Knowledge